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Registration for the race in Hellange 2. Juni 2024

A race organised in cooperation with the MSCE & MCKB

Registration guest driver MUL race

Please fill out the form if you want to register for the race on June 2nd and do not have a MUL racing license.


  1. Children's classes (50cc, 65cc, 85cc): 35€

  2. Adult classes: 45€

  3. Transponder rental: 15€

  4. Day license: €15 (this is mandatory if you do not have a MUL racing license)

Payment details:

Moto Club MX Kopstal-Bridel


IBAN: LU97 1111 0111 9237 0000

An application will only be accepted once payment has been received.

Do you have a MyLaps transponder?

Since you do not have a MUL racing license, we will make a day racing license for you. For this we need the following information.

With my signature, I or my guardian confirm that I am covered by social insurance. I declare that I ride at my own risk and release the organizing club and all persons working for it from all liability for accidents of any kind or damage, without exception or reservation.

It is my responsibility to ensure my own safety by taking necessary precautions when riding and exercising.
I or my guardian confirm the accuracy of the information provided by me or my guardian in this registration form and declare that I am aware of the contents of the MUL Sports Act, the special rules of this event and the conditions stated in this registration form and undertake to comply with them to accept and follow the guidelines and instructions of the MUL, the organizers and the officials. I commit myself to notify the MUL, the organizer or officials of any changes to this form.

Thank you!

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