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Different race series



Luxembourg SBK and SSP600 Championship:
Championship for sprint races on circuits in the Superbike 1000 and Supersport 600 categories. These championships are held at events organised on the Luxembourg circuit at Colmar-Berg. In principle, all three events count towards the championship, but as things stand at present, confirmation from the VFV is lacking.
The dates for 2024:

  •     18-19-20 May

  •     13-14 July (VFV, to be confirmed)

  •     7-8 September

Vintage Championship

Luxembourg Vintage Circuit Championship (all classes)
A) Regularity
The championship takes place during the event organised by the VFV. All the classes proposed by the VFV are taken into account for this Luxembourg championship. In principle, 2 rounds are scheduled for each class.
Dates for 2024 :

  • 13-14 July 2024

B) Sprint
The championship takes place at events organised by Klassik Motorsport.
All classes offered by Klassik Motorsport will be considered for the Luxembourg Sprint-Vintage Championship.
Dates for 2024:

  • 8-19-20 May

  • September 7-8


In order to participate in the Luxembourg championships, each driver must be in possession of a national MUL racing licence. (A DMSB day licence may be required for insurance reasons).
Registrations are made for the :
VFV, at:
Classic Motorsport, at:

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