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Colmar-Berg race track


Rue François Krack, 7737 Colmar-Berg


opening hours 

The track is only open on certain weekends specifically planned for events.

General information and rules of conduct

The track may only be used as part of an event.

  • Conditions: There is a set of rules for the racetrack events, which must be respected at all times. Only motorbikes from the racing series being ridden are permitted on the site. Appropriate clothing and a good condition of the bike are mandatory.

  • Environment: Please always place an environmental mat under your motorbike (oil-impermeable) and always leave the car park clean (take your waste back with you).

  • Riding area: Please note that riding is only permitted on the authorised riding area, but not on public roads, private property, etc.

  • Sporting behaviour: The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited. We ask you to behave respectfully towards other participants and passers-by and to act in accordance with the principle of fair play.


The MUL would like to thank you for your co-operation.

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