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Race series

There are two different championships in Luxembourg to meet the needs of each rider. A national championship and a championship in co-operation with the Southwest Cup to be able to offer a classification over more races.

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MUL Championship

The MUL championship includes all rounds held on Luxembourg soil. Provided that the drivers of a class are allowed to take part in their round together.

Race 2024 (without guarantee)

May 1st: Kopstal

June 2nd: Hellange (to be confirmed)

September 29thabout: Dudelange

5th/6th October: DAMCV Bockholtz

12th/13th October: SWC Bockholtz

October 20th: Bockholtz

MUL-SWC Championship

The MUL-SWC Championship includes all rounds of the SWC calendar that are selected by the Motocross Commission at the beginning of the season, as well as all rounds that are part of the MUL Championship.
It is customary that SWC races that fall within the collective holiday period do not count towards the MUL-SWC championship.

Race 2024 (without guarantee)

April 1st: Hoxberg                      

11th/12th May: Frankenthal

19th/20th May: Niederwürzbach  

15th/16th June: Fischbach

29.30. June: Reil                         

13th/14th July: Walldorf

Birkenfeld to be announced    

14th/15th September: Hennweiler

12th/13th October: Bockholtz

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