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Our history

The Motor Union of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (MUL) was founded on 5 May 1922, initially under the name Club des Motocyclettes Luxembourgeoises (CML), which was renamed "MUL" in 1923, and has been the national representative to the FIM (Fédération Internationale Motocycliste) and FIM Europe since 1926. The MUL aims to unite all motorcyclists, both sport and road, who live in Luxembourg.

Today we are an official delegate of the Ministry of Sport, a member of the FIM and the FIM Europe and we play an important role in the organisation and development of motorcycling in Luxembourg in all its forms.

The MUL is also a member of the Comité Olympique et Sportif Luxembourgeois (COSL) and represents Luxembourg's top motorbike athletes at national and international level.

We are made up of various federated clubs and their passionate volunteers and can rely on a unique network of clubs to pursue our goals and our common project, which aims to develop the world of motorcycling in all its forms and throughout the country.

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